Sunday, 8 June 2014

Real life support for primary languages

I wrote recently about sources of support for teachers of primary languages which can be found online.  There is also support to be had face to face from real life people!  Online support is excellent for solving those short-term problems and providing information when you need it quickly.  But there is a lot to be said for attending an event with like-minded professionals where you can listen to experienced presenters and share experiences with colleagues.

First, why not seek out your local ALL (Association for Language Learning) Primary Hub?  Meet and share with colleagues from your own local authority and reap the benefits of being a member of the ALL.

If you live in or around the Devon area, sign up for the ALL Devon Primary Languages conference, which takes place on Saturday July 5th.  There will be experienced speakers to inform you and exhibitors to show you how they can help you to get language learning off to a flying start in your school.

For those of you in the Cheshire area, book yourself a place on the Janet Lloyd Network Primary Languages conference, which takes place on Tuesday June 17th.  A fantastic opportunity to find out more about teaching a language in Key Stage 2, and many other delegates with whom to share your experiences.

Organisations such as Osiris Educational offer one-day courses around the country to enable you to find out more about the new curriculum.

These are the things that I am involved in.  There will be other events around the country.  If you know about a primary languages event and would like to publicise it here, please add it in a comment.


  1. Don't forget the Primary French Project, Niveau Bleu, written by Catherine Cheater. This is an exciting partnership - Institut français du Royaume Uni (IFRU), ALL – The Association for Language Learning and Network for Languages.
    Network for Languages also provide a number of Language Up-Skilling courses, Leading Primary Languages, Cross-Curricular Themes and much more - link -

  2. Languages in the Primary Classroom- Ready for 2014?
    AQA 21st Oct. 2014, Central London venue TBC