Monday, 11 April 2016

Boxes of French and Spanish

I've already told you about my Challenge CardsPocket Cards and Minibooks books for French and Spanish.

I am pleased to introduce my newest resources: Box of French and Box of Spanish.

Box of French and Box of Spanish are packs containing all you need to teach a series of lessons.  They have detailed lesson plans and all the resources.

The first ones, J'aime les sports! and ¡Me gustan los deportes!, comprise six 30-minute lessons talking about the Olympics and opinions of sports.  Learners will move from word level to text level over the course of the lessons.

If you order J'aime les sports! before 18.04.16 and ¡Me gustan los deportes! before 25.04.16, you can have a discount of 50% by using the codes BOXOFFRENCH and BOXSPANISH respectively at checkout.

More Boxes are in development.

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