Saturday, 4 February 2017

Veo Veo

My Key Stage 2 Spaniards and I have been having fun over the last few weeks with a new game - Veo veo.  It's the Spanish equivalent of I Spy, and works in much the same way as Which card?

Veo veo has a rhyme to start it off:

I played the game using animals, as above, with Year 3 while we were learning cave-painting animals.  We practised the rhyme together (Escuchad y repetid).   Then I chose an animal and started off the rhyme.  Once I had said "¡Un animal!" the children took it in turns to guess which one I was thinking of.  The one who guessed correctly then took over the game and started off with "Veo veo".  I also played it with Year 5 this week using weather phrases and they were very motivated by it.

I Spy isn't quite as interesting in French as it doesn't involve a dialogue, but it's still worth a try:

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