Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Generation Game

Here are some websites that you might like to try for making resources:

SEN Teacher Maths Printables: Add coin worksheets:  Tell the generator which currency you want to use, how many of the coins you want to be included, which level of difficulty you require, and it'll give you a sheet showing piles of coins that need adding up.  Euros are one of the currencies available, so it's great for doing numbers in a different way and for some cultural input.

Classtools SMS Generator:   Use this generator to create authentic-looking SMS dialogues.  Something to make dialogues a bit more interesting!

Festisite is still one of my favourites, for making word spirals, hearts and waves.  I use the wave setting for word snakes.  Since I last wrote about the site, it's undergone some changes:
Type in the words that you want to be in the spiral, heart or wave, then select "Printable Document". This means that it will generate a PDF of your finished word shape.  I select 26pt font, and A3 size paper. This means that you'll get a large word shape which will be nice and clear when you paste it into your document.  Then click on "Download" and you'll get the PDF with your word shape in the middle.  You can then screen-capture it and paste it into your resource as required.

The Tools for Educators Board Game generator is mentioned frequently on social media.  There are various different kinds of games, and you can use images and text or just images.  Here's one with fruits and vegetables:
I also like the AtoZ teacher stuff Word Shape worksheets generator.  I like to use these word shapes as a step towards memorising spelling.  The only slight downfall is that it doesn't recognise accented characters:

Do you know of any other good resource generators?

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