Thursday, 7 January 2010

World Cup Calligrams

Combining ideas for bringing the World Cup into your classroom and my love of calligrams:

I found a football colouring sheet and lightened the lines to pale grey using PaintShop Pro. Braver people could draw their own in pencil ! Then I filled in each section with words about England and being English. These are the images that you can see on the slides.

Suggestions for using this in the classroom:

  • Show pupils the images and ask them to read what is written in each section. Why have these words been chosen ? This makes them think about their own country and the things that typify it - community cohesion !
  • Pupils then research another of the World Cup countries, finding out similar information.
  • Pupils either draw their own footballer or find a suitable colouring sheet and represent their findings as a calligram. It's even better if they use the country's national colours.
  • For a MFL twist, pupils can present their findings in their foreign language or even in the country's language !

1 comment:

  1. Hi Clare - lovely ideas - I will try this with some of our classes and see how it goes. Have you used the site image chef? I have had some fun with it.
    Valerie McIntyre