Monday, 28 October 2019

And more Spanish books!

¡Hola desde Sevilla!  A great way to spend half term.  I was allowed a little while in a book shop today, and happened upon these two:

I have to admit I like this one because I have a Nina in my house.  The book is all about Nina starting primary school and everything she encounters there.  It's a great insight into Spanish primary schools.

I was drawn to this one partly by its very topical message, and partly by the fact that it has lots of infinitives, which I am have just started with Year 6!  

Each double page spread has an acetate overlay.  You read what you should do to help the environment, then turn the acetate and it shows you!

My final purchase was a book of Mafalda bookmarks, so here is a topical one for you:


I've just got another one!

It's a pop-up book about jungle animals.  The first one, for example, is a crocodile:

 You can see it says "cocodrilo" down the side, and there's the sound he makes on the left.   But the best is yet to come - you can flip over just half of the page ro mix him with another animal, like a hippo:

And you get a Cocopótamo!  Then why not mix the hippo with something

like a toucan, to make a Hipocán.  There is a great combination of sounds on the left too.

There is also a "La Granja" book in the same series.