Tuesday, 29 September 2015


A little while ago on the Languages in Primary Schools Facebook group, we were discussing ways of making traffic-light cards for use in the classroom.  Someone recommended ClassPOPs.  They have been designed by a practising teacher and can be used for Assessment for Learning purposes, for giving answers to multiple choice questions, and much more.  They are double-sided, with A and B on one side, and C and D on the other.

I have purchased 2 sets (they are £6 each), one for each school.  As you can see, I have numbered each of the 30 ClassPOPs in the set.  I used the numbers with Year 5 last week to call on individual students to answer questions.  It made them concentrate very hard!  I have also been using the PowerPoint templates that are available free on the ClassPOPs website to create quizzes for my classes.  Here's an example of one of the slides that I have made for Year 6 Spanish to make them think about gender and word order when using adjectives:

The children have found them easy to use (I have used them with Year 3 upwards) and enjoy using them as well.