Make it with mini-books: my presentation from ALL Language World 2013

Make it with mini-books (#ililc4 version):

My presentation about mini-books from Oldham Show and Tell

In defence of mini-books

Lots more mini-book links and ideas

Aztec Codices

Sculptural mini-books

Line-of-buildings books

Line-of-people books



Concertina books

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Christmas present concertina books

Lift-the-flap books

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Ojos y pelo mini-book

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Spanish Minibooks for Primary learners

French Minibooks for Primary learners


  1. Hello Clare, you are so inspirational!I have spent all day today folding mini books:-) Have you got a template for number 7 (the one with the boy and daily routine). I have checked most of your links but haven't seen that one. Or did you just draw a boy yourself? Thanks for sharing all your lovely minibooks. Erzsi

  2. Thank you very much for your lively comment, Erzsi. The mini-book you refer to is a concertina book and the method is described in this post I drew the boy myself and made him out of coloured card. I could try to make a template if it would help! Clare

  3. Thanks for answering so quickly. Don't worry, I will draw a boy or a girl myself then:-) I can't wait to go to Y3 on Tuesday, we will use sentences describing ourselves where you have put the daily routine sentences. And all the other years will do mini books next week, I am addicted now! I will keep on reading your blog, it is fantastic! Erzsi

  4. That's really nice - thank you for sharing !

  5. Hi Clare,
    I've just clicked the link for the French Christmas mini-books and it tried to take me to the defunct Sunderland GFL website. I looked on Light Bulb Languages but still couldn't find them. Any suggestions?
    Angela Smith

    1. Hi Angela, the French Christmas minibooks are here

  6. Dear Clare I tried to print or save the hexagonal book but it prints a blank page. Also tried to google to find a template but there isn't any. Could you please advise? Many thanks. Valerie
    PS: I had never been on your websites/blog. They are both AMAZING! Merci

    1. Hi Valerie, if you drop me an email via Light Bulb Languages (address on the About page) I can send you the template. Thanks for your kind words! Clare

    2. Hello Clare sorry I've just seen your reply today. I ended up making one. Thank you anyway! So impressed and inspired by all your work! Valerie

  7. Claire, I love the mini book idea. I would like to use this 'form' in Office Word, and am wondering if you've every printed onto them. I have worked out from the folding which 'eighth' ends up where, but am not sure how to use in in Word. If you've already done this, any tips would be appreciated!

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  8. Hello, thanks for your comment. I have a template for my standard minibooks in MS Publisher. I hardly ever use Word as it infuriates me! My template basically has cover, pages 1,2 and 3 on one long side, then pages 5,6,7 and 8, upside down, on the other long side.

  9. Hi Claire, I’m searching for ideas on dragons for ks1 French and following a search on Lips, someone had suggested a dragon concertina book on your blog. I have done a search but can’t seem to locate it..can you help?

    1. Hi Jayne, I haven't done a dragon book, I'm afraid, but as long as you have a dragon's head and tail it would be pretty straightforward to make one :)