Monday, 11 February 2013

Blankety Blank!

The #ililc3 Show and Tell was another fantastic occasion with many and varied items for our learning and entertainment.

My love of BBC1's Pointless has been well-documented, and so it seemed only right and proper that my contribution should have a game-show theme - a short game of Blankety Blank.  If you are unfamiliar with Blankety Blank and its work, or need a refresher of the rules, here's how to play:

Main game
  • 6 panellists, 2 players
  • Show Player 1's question.  Panellists write their answer on their mini-whiteboard.
  • Player 1 says their answer. 
  • Ask each panellist to show their answer, and the player wins one point for each match.
  • Repeat for second player.  The player with the most points goes on to Supermatch.

  • Show the word.  
  • The player chooses three panellists to give an answer, then chooses their answer from those three, or may choose to go with their own answer.
  • Reveal audience answers to see how much they win.
If you would like to have a go yourself, you can download the PowerPoints that I used at the Show and Tell here and here.  Enjoy reading the questions that we didn't use, but I would recommend that you change them before unleashing them on a class!  If you click on the action button on the "Premier Jeu" screen, it will take you to the questions which will scroll through very quickly.  To stop them and therefore pick a question at random, just press S.  Press S to start the scrolling again.  To return to the Supermatch, click on the small action button at the bottom of the question screen.

Strictly speaking, a game of Blankety Blank will only use 8 people, so you may think it would not be suitable for a whole class.  But if you slightly change the rules it would be easy to get all the class involved.  Give each student or pair of students a mini-whiteboard and get all of them to write an answer for each question.  Then use a random name selector such as your Mug of Misery™ to select the six who are going to provide their answer for the contestant.  And of course there are plenty of topic areas that you can use for the questions.


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