Sunday, 10 May 2020

Flowchart Sentence Builders (pt. 2)

Since Joe's brilliant post about Flowchart Sentence Builders I have been starting to put some together to accompany my new scheme of work.  I've been sharing back and forth with Joe and with Carmen, who I first met at a Consejería event and who, it turned out, had been trying out a similar thing.

It takes a while to put the flowcharts together, especially the first few, and they go through a few incarnations before you are happy with the layout.  Once you've done a few, they are quicker to put together as you can start copying and pasting and moving existing boxes around.  I use Microsoft Publisher to create mine (I use Publisher for nearly all my resources).

Here are the ones that I've done already.  All comments welcome!

FLOWCHART by Clare Seccombe

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