Friday, 24 December 2010

A Christmas present, and my Christmas wish

This morning I received a letter about Primary Languages from Sharon Hodgson, my MP. 

I emailed her on 6th December in response to the government's White Paper "The Importance of Teaching", expressing my concern at the lack of clarity, or indeed any word at all, about the future of language teaching in KS2.  I also emailed the address provided for feedback to the White Paper, I emailed Michael Gove, and I emailed Nick Gibb.  Sharon Hodgson is the only one from whom I have had a response.  Not even an automated response from the others to say that my message has been received.

Ms Hodgson's letter has brightened my day.  She is a Shadow Education Minister, and keen that the previous Government's commitment to Primary Languages be carried forward:
"In a global economy, the country needs people who can communicate effectively with those in different countries, and the education system should recognise and support that."
She has also written to Mr Gove to ask him to reply to me, and has tabled the following Parliamentary Question to give him the opportunity to put his commitment to Primary Languages on Parliamentary record:
"To ask the Secretary of State what steps he has taken toward establishing Modern Foreign Languages as part of the primary school curriculum from the academic year beginning 2011."
She has asked me to keep in touch and has expressed an interest in visiting a class or workshop in the constituency at some point.

So that is my Christmas present.  What about my Christmas wish?  My Christmas wish is that the current Government tell us as soon as possible what they intend to do with Primary Languages and whether or not they are going to fund it anymore.  The announcement of the new curriculum in Autumn 2012 is too long to have to wait.  Primary schools need help and support now.

So I urge you, if you haven't already done so, to contact your own MP to put the case for Primary Languages.  You could always send them this ecard
Let's bombard them from all sides!

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  1. The country really is very lucky to have you fighting for our cause, Clare! Have a great Christmas and thank you x