Monday, 7 March 2011

Primary Languages Show 2011

On Friday I made the 360 mile round trip from Sunderland to Liverpool for the 2011 Primary Languages Show.  In my post about the 2010 show I said that I would attend both days this year, and indeed that is what I booked for.  Unfortunately the show was reduced from two days to one this year due to LAs' budget cuts and uncertainty about the future of Primary Languages.

Nevertheless, there were still plenty of appealing workshops to attend, in most of the sessions too many to choose from.  The ones that I chose reflected the priorities that we have in the local authority at the moment and also my own personal interests.

Toto et les graines magiques: Strategies for storytelling
Chris Behagg from West Sussex LA gave us plenty of ideas for using a story to its maximum linguistical benefit.

Matisse Magique!
Maria Roberts, also from West Sussex LA, showed us this project, which combines Art and French for upper KS2.  It showed me that there is so much more that I can do with my Gaudi project.

The West Sussex Grid for Learning is packed with resources for MFL.  They don't know if the resources will still be there in September, so download them now!

Story Making in French
I had wanted to attend Jo Cole's session last year, but it was all booked up.  I was not disappointed.  Jo's strategies and rationale for story making in the languages classroom make so much sense and, if you can find the right story, are straightforward to do. 

Les Animaux du Monde
I'd met the human dynamo that is Liz Black before, and enjoyed chatting with her again.  Her web pages on the Stokesley School website are packed with excellent ideas and resources for KS2-KS3 Transition.

A particular highlight of the day for me was the keynote address by Professor David Crystal, which addressed multilingualism and why it's A Good Thing.  He said a lot of very sensible things about languages in general.

Rather than say too much else here, I'll put my notes below and you can read all about it at your leisure.  

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