Sunday, 28 October 2012

En mi pueblo

I was very interested to read Amanda Salt's Bringing Twitter to the Classroom blogpost recently.  Amanda asked her Twitter followers to respond to two questions in Spanish, and then used these responses as reading material for her classes.

I have recently begun to work on verbs in Spanish with Year 6.  We have discovered what infinitives look like in both languages, how to find them in the dictionary and practised using them in me gusta sentences.  We are heading for some se puede + infinitive sentences, which we will use in conjunction with the places in town that we already know.  We will be making the line of paper buildings as a writing task.

Inspired by Amanda's work, I would like to collect some information about different places in different towns via Wallwisher.  I'd be really grateful if the Spanish speakers out there could contribute.  Please tell them where you live, a place that is in your town, and what you can do there using se puede.

By the way, for those who don't know, Washington (Tyne and Wear) is The Original Washington (it says so on the town signs) and Washington Old Hall is where George Washington's ancestors lived.  Some North-East trivia for you.

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