Monday, 12 May 2014

Easter Eggs

My husband raises his eyebrows and tuts.  My daughters say excitedly, "Ooh are you buying those for school, Mummy?  What are you going to do with them?"  That's what happens when I chance upon something interesting-looking when we are out shopping en famille. 

I purchased these eggs (and some other, smaller ones) just after Easter when everything Eastery was reduced.  Some of the #mfltwitterati had mentioned that they were using them, so I waited for the ideal opportunity.

I'm going to be using them this week with Year 4 French, with whom I have been working on my Mon Drapeau World Cup activity.  We have done lots and lots of speaking and listening, and now it's time for some individual writing.  I've numbered all the eggs 1-32, as there are 32 teams in the World Cup, and so that the children know which ones they've already had.  Inside each egg I have put a little flag, printed out on card to make it a little more robust.  The children will pick out an egg each and use the writing frame and what we already know about the flags to write a short description of the flag inside.  When I say the description is complete (and correct, in the case of the higher ability group) they will put the egg back and select another one.  I am going to take along some of the contents of my Dippy Box (primary terminology!) for those who do really well.

How do you use your Easter Eggs?