Friday, 5 September 2014

LinguaTALK Spanish

I mentioned over a year ago that I was working as an author for Mantra Lingua, the people that brought me the talking pen.  Well I have been writing a Key Stage 2 scheme for Spanish and French, and the Spanish is finished!

LinguaTALK Spanish is a series of 31 sound-enabled charts, whose sound you play using the PENpal, the successor of my original talking pen.  It's fully new-curriculum-compliant and is ideal for the non-specialist KS2 teacher as well as KS3 teachers who have Year 7s at lots of different levels.  Here's a little clip of one of the charts in action:

Each chart has a presentation layer, where teachers and children can listen to the new vocabulary and structures and practise them together.  Then each of them has "game layers" built in, which can be used with the whole class, or children can use them individually, in pairs or small groups.  It's something that children can use at any time, so useful when time on the timetable is at a premium.

All the Spanish is spoken by native speakers, so it's ideal for the "pronunciation and intonation" part of the new curriculum.  It also starts children off with reading and writing, building them up from simple word level to short texts at the end.  There is a Phonics chart, as well as two charts with information about Spain and the Spanish-speaking world.

The pack also contains an interactive whiteboard version of the charts, the software and paper with which to make talking minibooks and flashcards, and a sound-enabled bilingual dictionary.

I'm really pleased with the result - there's nothing quite like it on the market, and I hope you like it.


  1. ¡Interesante! Le daré un vistacillo. Gracias Clare :-)

  2. That's amazing,Clare. I can't wait for your GCSE and A2 versions :-)