Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sketchnoting 2 - Experimenting

Since I last wrote about Sketchnoting I have been reading and experimenting.  I have collected links and examples on my Pinterest page and read Mike Rohde's Sketchnote Handbook, which I would really recommend.

I have also bought some new kit:

I have a Moleskine cahier (mauve one on the left) which has tall, narrower pages, an A5 blank notebook from Paperchase (white one in the middle) and some cheap exercise books for writing and drawing ideas and "things that I like".

I also have some Maped Graph'Peps (on the left) for writing and drawing in different colours and some Tombow brush pens in grey shades (on the right) for adding shade and shadows.  For the main writing I have been using Pilot fineliners.  I also have a pack of Crayola Mini Supertips in my pack for colouring in larger areas.

These are the sketchnotes that I am pleased with:

I am not so pleased with these two.  I'm not entirely sure why, but they were better and more useful in my head:

I have been persevering with SketchBook+ on my tablet, and have got the hang of zooming in and out.  However I still can't make on my tablet anything like I can draw by hand, and it takes a lot longer.

I'm looking forward to the Language World conference at the end of this week, to be able to do some "live" sketchnoting.

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