Monday, 31 August 2015

More new French books

Earlier this month I spent a week in France, which of course involved a trip to the Espace Culturel at the local Leclerc as well as the local Maison de la Presse.  Some books I purchased, others I photographed for purchase later on or requesting for my birthday.

This book was my best find.  Bonjour by Nathalie Dieterlé is ideal for using with very new learners.  Petit Loup says bonjour to everyone, until he gets tired and his mummy puts him to bed and says bonne nuit.  Then he shouts bonne nuit to everyone.  There is plenty for the children to join in with.

I couldn't decide which of these animal books to get, so I got both!  They have nice short texts about each animal, great for some non-fiction reading.  I'm going to be using the farm animals one with Year 6 over the next few weeks.

I found this one in the Rentrée section of the local Intermarché.  It makes a change from colouring by numbers, and I particularly like this colour by e, ê, é and è.  It will make children really look at the accented letters.

As it was still les grandes vacances, the Maison de la Presse had lots of magazines "Spécial Vacances".  I could have got more of these but was thinking about space in my luggage....  I bought this art one for the article on prehistoric art.  Regular readers may spot a pattern emerging.  I also enjoyed reading the interview with Botticelli, which might suit KS3 and KS4.

This is the first book that I photographed.  It's too complex for Key Stage 2, but would suit Key Stage 3 students who are starting to learn the Passé Composé. It's beautifully imaginative and amusing, with great illustrations.  There is another called "Je suis en retard pour l'école parce que...."
I also liked these Trotro books.  In L'âne Trotro fait du vélo, Trotro experiments with riding his bike with no hands, then no feet.  You can imagine what happens.  L'âne Trotro s'habille is good for simple clothes vocabulary, and children would love to join in with L'âne Trotro répète tout ce qu'on lui dit.  

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