Monday, 24 April 2017

Making a leaflet


At the UKLingua conference this weekend, amongst the other goodies in my goodybags (yes, plural!) was this leaflet about Salamanca.  Now, at the moment I am teaching the unit 'Then and Now' to Year 6 Spanish for the 5th time.  We finish the unit with a piece of independent work which depicts and describes a town in the past and the same town in the present.  I haven't yet found a way that I really like of presenting this work.  So I am going to try a version of this leaflet this year and see how it turns out.

We're going to make it with one sheet on A4.  I'll probably use card as paper always gets a bit fragile with all the felt-tipping.  If you want to use A3 paper, double the initial measurement and all subsequent steps will be the same.  You will need a very long ruler though!

1.  With your A4 paper landscape, measure 8cm down from the top right corner.

2.  Draw a line with a long ruler to join your 8cm mark and the top left corner.

3.  Cut off the small triangle.
4.  Fold the paper in half along the long, bottom edge.
5.  Fold the shorter edge back in to the centre.
6.  Turn it over and fold the long edge back in to the centre.
7.  Turn it back over and you'll see your finished leaflet.

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