Monday, 16 March 2020


In January I delivered a staff meeting to all the grown ups at school about Spanish, and said that I'd like to link more of the class topics to the Spanish work, especially in Key Stage 1.  So I asked the teachers to tell me if they were doing any topics which they thought would lend themselves well to being covered in Spanish.  So far the only teacher to do so is the Year 2 teacher, whose class is working on the topic "Heroes and Villains" this half term.  A great idea for Spanish for Year 2!

I had an ask around for ideas, and someone suggested colours of superheroes' outfits.  I found these books, which gave me some more ideas:
Superhéroe:  Manual de instrucciones

Cuenta los superhéroes

Count the superheroes

The first gave me ideas about the outfits and how to name a superhero (your favourite animal and favourite colour, if you're interested - I'd be Cobaya Azul).  The Spanish counting book is just that, with the numbers up to 15, while the English one includes things like counting blue superheroes, counting flying superheroes and so on.

I then set about making my own resources, including lots of original images, which I have now made available along with lesson ideas on my Sellfy store.  Children can use the superheroes to practise counting to 12, to practise the colours and to do some simple description of superheroes' outfits.

I'm now working on the French version, which will be available soon.

UPDATE 18.3.20:  French available now! 

By the way, if you want to host your own online shop, I recommend Sellfy to you.  It's easy to use and I've never had any problems.  Follow this link to sign up.

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