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Tarsia FAQ #1: 
How to I get spaces between the words? 
Style -> Text

Tarsia FAQ #2: 
How do I get accents on the letters? 
Style -> Text, then use the ALT + number codes

Tarsia FAQ #3: 
How do I select a different font? 
Style -> Text, then Style -> Define

Tarsia FAQ #4: 
How do I change the size of the font on my puzzle pieces? 
In Output view, click on the button with the little magnifying glass with coloured squares at the top.

Tarsia FAQ#5: 
How do I change to a different kind of puzzle without losing the words I've typed in? 
File -> Properties, click Change Document Type

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A quick guide to Tarsia for MFL 

Ideas for using Tarsia in MFL


  1. Hi how do I save the document typed in Arabic? I tried in both(tarsia and PDF) but when I reopened them I only had symbols/interrogation marks instead of the Arabic!

  2. Hello Faysal, I think a lot will depend on the font that you are using. As long as you have selected Style>Text then Style>Define, then the font should work. I've just done an experiment with a Wingdings font and that came out OK when PDFed.

    1. I just try that, but it doesn't work

  3. Hi,
    I keep clicking text style but it keeps deleting my spaces after I go to another slide. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Unknown,

      You have to do Style > Text then Style > Define before you enter any text, then it should be OK for you. If you still have no luck, some people have deleted the program and reinstalled to get it to work.

  4. I just printed off some of these puzzles for history, the text is tiny. I tried changing the size as you say in output mode, using the magnifying glass but this just extends the text beyond the edges of the puzzle. Help!

    1. At the input stage, put some hard returns in to split your long line up into 2 or 3 short lines. This way you'll be able to make all the text bigger and still fit on. Good luck!

  5. If I copy and paste text it deletes the spaces. I have to actually type everything in manually to avoid this problem. Is there a work around or something I'm doing wrong?

    1. First I would ask if you have set it to accept text rather than Maths-speak. Have you done Style > Text? Actually I have never copied and pasted into Tarsia, just typed in directly.