Monday, 6 December 2010

Baroness Coussins is coming to the north-east

Baroness Coussins, Realising the Strategic Importance of Languages
Venue: Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne
Time: 8:30-12:30 includes breakfast and lunch
£300 to be awarded the first 40 schools who come with senior management.

It's the biggest event for languages the North East has ever seen....It's confirmed for could change what happens in your schools....and its got big names!

You might have heard about it on the blogosphere and we are now pleased to confirm that Baroness Coussins, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Languages will visit the North East on Tuesday 11th January.

We know how crucial it is to influence your senior management as well so this event is geared towards them too.

Baroness Coussins will be joined by:

  • Richard Hardie, Vice Chair UBS Ltd. and advocate for A-level Languages
  • Dr. Michael Wardle, Deputy Head and Ofsted Inspector for Languages
  • Dr. Liz Andersen, Member of the National University Council for Modern Languages
  • Bernadette Holmes, President incumbent of the Association for Language Learning
The event includes keynote speeches, workshops and a panel, so plenty of chance for contributing and questioning as well.

The first 40 schools who bring along a member of their senior management team will receive £300 so take this to your SMT straight away and get signed up on the website here!

We know this is short notice but as this is such a fantastic opportunity to really make the case for languages we hope you don't miss it.

If you have any queries please get in touch with Ruth O'Rourke by email or on 0191 222 5814.

Your Head of Languages will soon receive an invitation to this event to pass on to your Headteacher.

This is primarily for secondary schools but we will welcome primary schools, Further Education and Higher Education Institutes as well.

Sign up here before you venture out into the cold:

The Links into Languages NE team  

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