Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another new phase

1st September 2011 is the beginning of a new phase in my professional life.  For sixteen years, from being an NQT, I worked for Sunderland Local Authority.  Now I don't.  The local authority will no longer receive the money that paid for me to be the advisory teacher for Primary Languages, and in these times of cuts the role has been deleted.

Now I will be teaching Primary Spanish in one school and Primary French in another, and that will take care of 2.5 days each week.  I would like to spend some of the remainder of my time training, speaking and consulting, something which I started last year.  To this end I have set up my own company.  And for the first time, despite my years of web experience, I have purchased a domain name and paid for web hosting.  So if you would like to see what I do and have done, please click on  You can contact me via the same site.

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  1. Clare, congratulations and best of luck !!! I think it is a great idea to have set up your own company! Well done!