Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A jigsaw for starters

A couple of days ago I was planning a lesson in Spanish on Big Numbers, in particular for big numbers between 30 and 2000.  The main activity was to be a data handling exercise of reading a mileage (kilometrage?!) chart of distances between Spanish cities.  But I wanted a starter that would help the children to revise the numbers after the half term holiday.  I wanted to try something new and so had a look at this Starter Generator from TES Resources.  At the same time I put out a tweet and received an interesting reply:

I really like this idea and I also really liked the jigsaw idea from the TES.  So I  made a jigsaw puzzle which, once completed, displayed the instructions and the questions that the children had to answer.  They had a blank piece of paper to write their answers and a number reference sheet to help them:

Spanish Big Nos Jigsaw

I divided the children into mixed ability groups, the idea being that everyone in the group could contribute in some way.  Even if they weren't sure about the number in Spanish, they could put the jigsaw together or help to work out the answers to the questions.  

The highest score in Year 6 was 6/10.  I wonder how Y5 will do tomorrow?

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