Monday, 16 July 2012

A Spanish fan

A little something for the end of term.  Make a Spanish-style fan decorated with words and images that the students have covered this term or this year, and then they can have some fun with the secret language of fans.

I searched for ages this morning to find a craft activity for a fan to make with my KS1 children, but have decided that simpler is better.  To make this one I folded a piece of A4 paper in half lengthways and then cut along the fold.  I stuck the two strips together to make one long strip.  I then decorated my paper strip with words and pictures to show some of the things that Year 1 have learned this year.  Then I folded up the strip concertina-style to make the fan.  I haven't stapled or sellotaped the bottom yet to keep the whole thing together as I need to show the example to the children.


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