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Including Culture in KS2 Languages

I have already written about one omission from the new Programme of Study for KS2 Languages, which is advice about the time allocation for language teaching.  Another omission is the lack of any mention of Intercultural Understanding (IU) in the subject content.

Culture is mentioned in the Purpose of Study: "Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures."  It goes on to say that " A high-quality languages education should foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world", which implies that IU should be included if this is to happen.  The Purpose of Study finishes with: "Language teaching should provide the foundation for learning further languages, equipping pupils to study and work in other countries."  If you are going to study and work, and therefore presumably live, in another country, then an understanding and appreciation of the culture will be vital to spending a happy time there.

We all agree, I'm sure, that teaching culture alongside the language is a crucial part of the subject.  As the KS2 Framework says, "A language and its culture are inextricably linked."  For that reason, I have attempted to pull together here a list, for French and Spanish, of links and information for IU lessons, especially useful for the non-specialist or beginning teacher who may be unsure what to include.


The 10 minute guide to IU
Colours in cultures
Euros puzzles
Countries that use the Euro
Information about the Euro


All about French - Pointless
Europe map puzzle - to see where the French-speaking countries fit in
Where in the world is French spoken? - podcast
All about France - podcast

Special days, events and festivals:
Saint-Valentin - minibook
Poisson d'avril (1st April)
Chandeleur, Carnaval and Mardi Gras - podcast
11 novembre - podcast
Bastille Day / 14 juillet (14th July) - podcast
Tour de France (July) - podcast
La Fête du Travail (1st May)

minibook 1
minibook 2
Cloches volantes -French Easter bells

Christmas and New Year - podcast
Christmas songs

Arts and crafts:
Arbre à voeux

Play and games:
Playground games
List of playground games

Website of school on French island of Réunion
Ecoles du Monde - schools around the world
List of equipment that French children have to buy for La Rentrée each September
French handwriting
La Rentrée - podcast
Playground games - podcast


All about Spain and Spanish - Pointless
Fantastic facts about Spain
Spanish geography - data handling
Aztec maths
Calendar of Spanish fiestas
Information about Spanish customs and traditions
Map puzzles of Europe and South America
Maps of Spain
The Spanish flag
South America minibook
The origins of flamenco

Special days, events and festivals:
Día del amor y la amistad (February 14th)
Día del Padre / Día de San José (March 19th)  (Father's Day)
San Fermín (7th July) and here
Celebrating birthdays
Name days / Saints' days
La Tomatina (August)
Día de Sant Jordi (April 23rd)
Día de la Hispanidad / Columbus Day (October 12th)
Pictures from Día Nacional de España 2014 (October 12th)
Carnavales (February)

Roscón de Reyes
Special dates at Christmas
Doce uvas
About Los Reyes Magos (the 3 kings) (January 6th)

Easter nouns
Easter nouns (2)
Games and songs
Semana Santa en Sevilla
Semana Santa en España

El Ratoncito Pérez - a story about the Spanish version of the tooth fairy.  Information and the story.

Arts and Crafts:
Guatemala - textiles
Guatemalan worry dolls and the instructions
Guatemala - alfombras de Semana Santa
Moorish Mosaics
The Spanish-speaking Cultures colouring book - very useful for younger learners
Decorative Tile Designs colouring books - useful when you are looking at Moorish mosaics
Aztec Codices
Gaudi's Mosaics

Poems and songs:
A selection of Spanish songs

Playground games
More playground games
Instructions for some playground games
Spanish handwriting

Una tortilla española

If you have any links that you think would be useful for this list, please add them to a comment here or tweet them to me, and I will add them in.

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  1. Great resources Clare! I've just seen the new design of your blog at St Pauls and I really like it :-) Gracias por todas las ideas!