Saturday, 29 November 2014

Android apps

I have purchased a new Android tablet specifically for using at school.  I have a Sony Experia for my own personal use, but this one is a Google Nexus 7.  I chose it for two main reasons.  Firstly, it has a front and rear facing camera, and secondly it is handbag sized!  

I'm intending to use it a lot for taking pictures of the children's work. At the moment I use my little digital camera for this, but using the tablet will not only make the blogging process much quicker, but I will also be able to use Pic Collage and other apps to make the photos more interesting for the blog.  I also want to use it for sound recording, to record the children singing and for the children to be able to record themselves speaking.

A few weeks ago I received from Joe Dale an email about the documents that he has written to support the use of ICT in the Niveau Bleu French materials.  On the above screenshot you can see the apps that I already had and have used, in addition to apps mentioned by Joe in the aforementioned document and Android versions of some of those iPad apps.

I hope this is of use to other Android users.  If there are any Android apps that you have found particularly useful, please let me know!

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