Monday, 25 April 2016

#ililc6 - ICT and Languages Conference

I spent the weekend in Language Teacher heaven, a.k.a. the latest #ililc conference.  This year the venue moved from Southampton to Dorking, where we were hosted by the Ashcombe School, Helen Myers and ALL London.

This was the first #ililc conference that I didn't present at, and I enjoyed attending my 8 different sessions as well as, of course, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Here are the sketchnotes from the sessions that I attended:

Find out more about Anna's work on her Twitter feed where you'll also find information about her YouTube channel.

Read more on Annalise's blog

This is a superb example of how teachers who inherit Year 7s with mixed KS2 experience can do the usual in an unusual way.  The perfect example of how to tweak a scheme of work to cover the necessary structures within a more mature and interesting context.

The focus of the weekend was very much on the use of technology to enhance language teaching and learning, and consequently I found myself downloading new apps to play with.  These are the new apps that I have on my (Android) tablet:

I'm looking forward in particular to playing with Ultratext (see above!) and using it to make reading activities, as well as making some activities for Light Bulb Languages using QR codes.  If I can get network issues sorted out I would really like to experiment with Plickers.


  1. Well done, and thanks for sharing the ideas.

  2. Love how attractive and clear your sketchnotes are.

  3. Love how attractive and clear your sketchnotes are.