Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Pointing and Flicking

The Pointing activity is something that students can do individually or in pairs. 

  • They have in front of them a copy of the Pointing sheet (for example the colours one above), and the teacher has a copy on the board.  
  • As the teacher says each word, the students touch the correct image on the sheet.  
  • First of all the teacher says the words in order, then randomly. 
  • Finally, the teacher points to the words without speaking and the students say the words.  
  • Students will be able to think of other ways that they can use the sheet to help each other to practise, for example giving each other sequences to find.
The physical act of finding and pointing to the right image makes students listen, think and focus.  A variation on the Pointing activity is the Flicking activity:

  • Students work in pairs. 
  • Each pair will need a coin or counter, a whiteboard marker and a laminated copy of the Flicking card. 
  • Students take it in turns to put their coin or counter on the black circle and push or flick it onto one of the images. 
  • If they can say the correct word for that image, they can write their initial on the square with the marker. 
  • The winner is the first student to mark his initial on all the images.  (Each image can potentially have both students' initials on.) 

A more challenging version has an extra spider and star:

If students land on the spider, they have to erase their initials on one of the squares they have already 'won'.  If they land on the star, they get another turn. 

All these resources are available here http://www.lightbulblanguages.co.uk/resources-gen-pz.htm

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