Monday, 16 September 2019

Sonidos Españoles

It's finally here!  I've been working on Sonidos Españoles, a new Spanish phonics resource, since July.  Finding all the words and creating the 180+ illustrations has taken a long time! 

There are six PowerPoints, each practising 3 or 4 sounds, and also some resources to support and practise the sounds further:

Part 1: a, o, h, ll
Part 2: ñ, e, i, u
Part 3: ce, ci, z
Part 4: cu, qu, v, b
Part 5: ge, gi, j
Part 6: r-, rr, gue, gui, güe, güi

Each part begins with a sentence which contains all the sounds to be practised in that part.  Then there are 6 words containing each sound to practise with.  Each part also finishes with a little story to practise the sounds in the context of sentences rather than single words.  Audio has been provided by a native speaker - thank you Susi!

I hope you like it and enjoy using it.  I've already been using it with my new Y3s and Y4s and they seemed to like it!

There is a 25% discount with code SONIDOS until Friday 20th September :)