Thursday, 28 November 2013

Spirals and waves

I was reminded on Twitter yesterday of Festisite Text Layout, which I have used for about a year now to make word spirals and waves.  I started to use it as a way of making short activities to help students to practise vocabulary in lots of different ways, following this seminar by Heather Rendall.  I use them mostly in sheets like this one.

When you're using Festisite, I recommend for your settings the middle font, as it's clearest, a large font size and the A3 paper setting:

When you've made your spiral or wave, the website generates a PDF for you.  All you need to do then is to do a screen capture and then crop the image in your usual way.  If you make it in a big font on the A3 setting, your resulting spiral or wave will be clearer once you shrink it.

You can use the wave generator to make waves like this one, or do just one line to make a word snake, like the one here.

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