Monday, 6 February 2017

More Spanish books

You know how it is, you go looking for one thing and end up finding something else!  It always reminds me of the "Even Better!" man on the Fast Show.

I was actually looking for a Spanish language book version of the Wizard of Oz for Musicals Breakout Week at school, but got sidetracked by these little beauties (above) on Amazon Spain.

They are board books, and written for very young Spanish-speaking children.  They are all from the series "De la cuna a la luna".  As such they are ideal for Key Stage 1 and could also be used for Key Stage 2 beginner learners.


(Sorry - Blogger's having one of it's "photos the wrong way" days)
Cocodrilo is all about colours, and has some lovely rhymes.  The Cocodrilo himself is verde, porque muerde.  As you can see, he is on the top of a pile of things which are all different colours, and which rhyme with the colours.  Children can join in with the colours, and you could swap in other things which are the same colours.  They don't have to rhyme!

Pajarita de Papel
Pajarita de Papel is a  little paper bird who is laying the table for a meal with his friend.  It would make a good introduction to eating and drinking, for example.


This book practises the numbers 1 to 5, and starts "1 - Luna", then "2 - Luna y Sol", gradually building up the numbers and the number of rhyming objects.  It would be a great book for children starting to count in Spanish, and you could put it any words to help with the counting.

Miau is like a simpler version of Muu. Bee. Así Fue.  It has 6 different animals and the noises they make, finishing with a niño who says "Mamá Mamá"!

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