Sunday 26 March 2017

Language World 2017 #LW2017

Here are my sketchnotes from this year's Language World conference, which took place in Nottingham yesterday and the day before.

The main thing I have learned is that our new printer-scanner-copier is slightly too small to scan successfully the size of notebook that I chose to use, so apologies for the little bits of pages that are cut off or the ones that are a bit wonky.

The opening of Language World, by ALL President Anna Lise Gordon.
We spent a lot of time huddling and sharing!

Assessment without tears for KS2
Jackie Rayment and Yvonne Kennedy from the Herts for Learning team

Tuning into Translation.  Lots of good ideas from Glennis Pye.

Linking Languages with Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling at KS2- Julie Prince

AIM high in MFL - an insight into the AIM programme from Suzi Bewell and Lynn Cook

Progress: Moving from A to B or going round in circles?  Wise words from ALL President Anna Lise Gordon

A very interesting overview of the Teaching Schools Council Review of Languages Pedagogy from Ian Bauckham.  Lots of food for thought for all key stages.
Embedding Languages across the Primary Curriculum.  Ideas for using languages to help to teach science and healthy eating from Richard Tallaron.

Making the weather and creating the climate for success - Dr Rachel Hawkes

Improving literacy through languages... and improving languages through literacy - Nathalie Paris

I led a workshop about using Formulator Tarsia to create language puzzles.  All the info you need is here.

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