Friday, 19 May 2017

Vocabulary Maps

If you've read my posts over the last few months, you'll know about my passion for Sketchnoting.  I was very interested to see pop into my Inbox last weekend an email about Vocabulary Maps.

Vocabulary Maps are the brainchild of Tom and Susi in the Czech Republic.  They are mind maps which show the links between nouns, adjectives, verbs, phrases and idioms within a certain topic.  The pictures are a very important part of each map, and they help to embed the vocabulary via the visual memory.

If we look at the Vocabulary Map for bird, for example, it links to nouns such as eye, tail and feather, and also phrases and idioms such as bird's eye view, the early bird catches the worm and to take somebody under your wing.  Egg links to nouns, verbs such as whisk, fry and scramble as well as sayings and idioms.

I have been in touch with Tom this week to find out more about the Vocabulary Maps.  He says:
"...vocabulary maps are suitable for VISUAL LEARNERS - learners of a second language, a teacher's aid, homeschooling parents, young native speakers, special education students or even just brushing up on vocabulary in a foreign language.. pretty much everyone, it just depends on how you choose to use the maps and that you like visual learning."

At the moment the maps are available in English, German, Czech and Spanish, with French in development.

Tom and Susi are crowd-funding via Kickstarter at the moment.  Why not back them and have a go at using the vocabulary maps.  I have!

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