Saturday 12 January 2013

Lift the flap

Another quick and easy mini-book to make is the lift-the-flap book.  My Year 5 class have just made some to help each other to practise telling the time in Spanish.  The one in the picture above was made by Kate.  She has put digital times on the outside of the flaps and written the times in words inside (except for one where she did it the other way round by mistake!)  She has also presented it beautifully.  Others drew analogue clocks or wrote the times on the outside of the flaps.

Last year my Year 3 class had an experiment with lift-the-flap books.  We made them in a different way that time.  But either way, you start by folding the paper in half.

Can be used for many different things, I'm sure you'll agree, and would make nice displays.

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