Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Languages in the news

There has been a lot in the news about languages over the last week.  I've collated as many of the stories and documents as I can find below.  Please let me know of any I've missed!

Language learning: German and French drop by half in UK schools  BBC, 27.02.2019

Foreign languages 'squeezed out' of schools in Wales  BBC, 27.02.2019

'Why I travel miles to study German'  BBC, 27.02.2019

 Are modern foreign language lessons on the slide?  BBC, 27.02.2019

Language learning: French and German 'squeezed out' in Scottish schools  BBC, 27.02.2019

'How learning a foreign language changed my life'  BBC, 27.02.2019

French, German or Spanish offered by fewer NI schools  BBC, 27.02.2019

Fewer NI pupils studying modern languages  BBC, 27.02.2019

Modern foreign language studies slump to eighteen year low  BBC, 27.02.2019

'My plan for saving languages in our schools'   TES, 27.02.2019

National academies urge Government to develop national languages strategy  British Academy, 28.02.2019 

Less than ONE in 10 Brits can speak a second language  FE News, 01.03.2019

Brexit Britain cannot afford to be laissez-faire about its languages crisis  The Guardian, 01.03.2019

'How can we rejuvenate languages learning in Britain?'  TES, 01.03.2019

Languages in the UK: a call for action  The British Academy, 01.03.2019 

Save UK's 'dwindling' language skills, say MPs and peers  BBC, 04.03.2019

'Languages should be compulsory from ages 5 to 18'  TES, 04.03.2019

Britain’s dwindling language skills are a disaster for the country and needs action, MPs warn Independent, 04.03.2019

White Paper: Primary Languages Policy in England - the way forward  RiPL, 05.03.2019

Is the UK in a language crisis?  British Council, 05.03.2019

Brexit means we can't ignore the decline of MFL  TES, 09.03.2019  

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