Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Jacques a dit

This is the kit that I had with me for my Y3 French lessons this afternoon.  My Twitter followers may remember my mentioning Jack the Puppet, purchased from John Lewis in Newcastle on Sunday afternoon.  I simply could not resist his French colours!  He is now, of course, called Jacques.  I also had my four finger puppets from the same range that I have had for some time, who are now "Jacques's babies".  We were working on Olympic sports and simple opinions (c'est super, c'est pas mal and c'est nul).  Jacques said a sentence such as "La boxe, c'est nul", and the children had to use the Recorder Pen to make the cards say the same sentence.  Then they took it in turns to look after one of Jacques's babies and help the baby to say a sentence for one of the others to solve.

All very lower KS2, I know, but hopefully it will give you some ideas.  It's possible to create a smartboard activity with embedded sounds that you can use to build up sentences and which would work along similar lines.  Students get to demonstrate their understanding and they and the others hear plenty of the target language, building their confidence to use the language themselves. 

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