Sunday, 29 December 2019

Your top 10 reads of 2019

Here are the top ten most-read posts on this blog during 2019:

10.  #LW2019 Goosebump Learning - my presentation from Language World 2019.  Don't know what goosebump learning is?  Have a read!

9.  Languages in the news - From the end of February / beginning of March when languages were all over the news thanks to a BBC report.  I also wrote a second news post in July, following the publication of the Language Trends 2019 report.

8.  Spirals and waves (updated) - a post from 2017 all about how to use Festisite to make word spirals, waves, eggs, hearts....  Have a go!

7.  Primary Writing magazine - next steps

6.  Primary Languages Writing Celebration magazine5.  Write Away Paperwork - these three blogposts all deal with the inception, development and publication of Write Away! magazine, of which there are now 3 issues available to read.  Do you fancy seeing what primary children write in their language lessons?  Take a look!

4.  A concertina-ed effort - a post from 2012 which tells you how to make concertina books.

3.  Primary Languages White Paper - a post about the recommendations of the Primary Languages White Paper, which was published in March this year.

2.  Wheel Decide - about the app Wheel Decide, which you can use to make spinning random word or sentence generators for use in class.

1.  #LW2019 Sketchnotes - a post containing my sketchnotes from this year's Language World.  I suspect its popularity is due to the inclusion of a sketchnote about the new Ofsted framework!

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