Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Des chiffres et des lettres

With Year 4 French I have been working on the numbers up to 31.  We've been playing a simplified version of the numbers round of Countdown, or, rather, of Des chiffres et des lettres.  Here's what we did:

1.  Someone chooses a number between 21 and 31, which is our number to aim for.  It's written on the board.
2.  Someone rolls two dice, adds the two numbers together and says the number in French.  The number is written on the board.  This is repeated to give another number.
3.  Someone rolls one die and says the number in French, and it's written on the board as before.  This is repeated once more.
4.  The children now have a big number that they're aiming for, and four other number numbers to use to make it.  The children use adding, subtracting and multiplying (dividing if you're feeling brave) to use the four numbers to make the target number.
5.  If they can get the answer, they have to explain it in French using the numbers and plus, moins, fois and so on.

Year 4 loved it, though some of their times tables were a bit suspect!

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