Tuesday 18 February 2014

Foldable Artist Book

 Another recent mini-book find is the Foldable Artist Book, which I found here.  It's similar to the Triarama in that the finished result is 3D.

I have created a template which you can download here:

Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines:

Then add your words and pictures to the four squares and to the triangles if you wish.  There's no point doing anything with the other two squares as you will be covering them with glue shortly.

Glue the empty squares under the outside two squares.

The book can be folded flat by folding the triangles in half:

To make the book easier to display on the wall, you could stick the middle two squares together.  You could also stick two books together like this.  Many possibilities.


  1. Thanks, Clare. I would have had to make this template by hand.

  2. MUCHAS GRACIAS Clare! I love your minibooks and your ideas. I have just started today a minibook about monsters with my pupils. It's quite simple and children enjoyed it so definetely, I am going to continue doing "minilibros" in our Spanish lessons :-)

  3. Fabulous, I'm going to use this as a fun end of year activity for sports: J'aime/j'adore/je n'aime pas and je deteste. Thank you again!