Monday 17 February 2014

Towers of learning

I mentioned that while at #ililc4 I attended Isabelle Jones's workshop about Pinterest.  Pinterest has proven to be a rich source of mini-book type activities.  And here is one, that I found here.

It's a four-sided tower that could be used in two different ways:

  • Use in a similar way to VCOP pyramids to display key words and phrases on the children's tables while they are working.
  • Children write four short pieces of text on the vertical sides and illustrate them on the flaps.
I have created a template to make them, which you can download.

Cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines:

 Write or draw what you want on each section.  I had my Year 6 Spaniards in mind when doing this one, as these are the kind of sentences they will be writing in a few weeks' time.

 Glue the tab, fold out the bottom flaps, and your tower is complete.


  1. Brilliant idea thanks very much. I will try this my class.

  2. Claire
    These are brilliant ideas and go far beyond the little books which I regularly do with delegates at my CPD courses, particularly on progression; you would be surprised how many of them have never come across little books and don't know how to fold them! Once they know it is a revelation and really embodies the Primary languages mantra of `doing a lot with a little'.
    I regularly recommend your blog and hope that delegates take the time to find and use the resources which you provide here.

    Jan Lewandowski
    Languages Consultant

  3. Thankyou! This is a fantastic resource, I will definitely be using with my French classes!