Saturday 8 February 2014

Let's post-it!

My contribution to the #ililc4 Show and Tell this evening was some ideas for using Post-its.  I have a fairly substantial collection of Post-its at home.  Speech bubbles, hearts, flowers, t-shirts, arrows.... but of course you can use ordinary square ones too!  Here are some ideas, in no particular order, for how you can use them.

Label a poster.  Each student writes on their Post-it what they think the person on the poster is saying.  If you're practising foods, likes and dislikes, they can all choose an opinion and a food, write the sentence and stick it on.  Then they can read others' contributions.  I got that idea from Steven Fawkes some years ago.

Post-it grids, for which you can use picture prompts, mathematical problems to solve, short passages that need translating....

Guess who.  You know, the game where you write the name of a famous person on a Post-it and stick it on your partner's forehead.  They have to ask questions to work out who they are.

Use online Post-its with Padlet and

Give students secret feedback.  While they are working on some writing, jot down a note for them on a

Post-it and stick it in their book without speaking to them.

Students can contribute to a question wall by writing their question on a Post-it.

Use them for Venn diagrams or any other kind of sorting.

Students write their name on the Post-it and use it to vote, or to mark their position on a scale.

Use them to record success and praise.

Use two Post-its, one on top of the other, with the question on the top and the answer underneath or vice versa.  Good for students to test themselves and each other.

Use them to add a contribution to a vocabulary wall.

Students use them to write a question for the teacher.

Write a question on the board, or a sentence that needs translating.  Each student writes their answer on a Post-it and sticks it on the board.  Formative assessment for the teacher, and students can use them to work out the right answer.

I recommend Post-its' own teacher site for lots of lesson ideas.

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