Monday 26 November 2012

An idea for Christmas

This is a variation on the theme of concertina books that is just right for Christmas time.  

To make this one I used a sheet of A4 paper cut in half lengthways (to make a strip about 30cm by 10.5cm).  I folded it into a concertina of 8 equal sections.  It's important that your concertina has an even number of sections so that your present will lie flat.

Next I cut a rectangle of red card (other colours are available of course) 13cm by 10.5 cm and decorated it  with Christmassy patterns and a metallic-tape bow.  Then I cut the parcel in half and stuck on half on each end of the concertina.

I haven't put any writing on the concertina yet, but I have some ideas:

  • Use dictionaries to find the Spanish words for presents and write these on the concertina.
  • As above, plus the children add some adjectives.
  • Children write things that they are going to do for their parents as a Christmas present (lots of good ideas here)
  • Write a Christmas recipe.
  • Write and illustrate Christmas vocabulary.
  • Write a Christmas poem.
Many thanks to everyone who has been tweeting me pictures of the mini-books that they have been making at school.  It's lovely to see all the different ways that they can be used.

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