Friday 17 May 2013

Lift a different kind of flap

I have been working on "Then and Now" with my fourth-year-of-Spanish children.  We have got to the point where they are ready to do some writing about their village now and in the past.  We have covered all the language content, and the historical content will be down to them - they did it for their topic last term.  Then, they produced a leaflet about the village and its history, so I want to do something different in Spanish.  I turned once again to this book for inspiration.

You start off with a blank piece of paper (I think I will use A3 on the day) which you fold in half widthways twice, like a greetings card.  Then you cut flaps in the top layer, then the second layer, and, if you need more space, the third layer too.  The photo at the top shows you the "front cover", and the pictures below show you each successive flap, containing our first draft text.

Of course I am expecting the children to decorate theirs, and we will be adding to the writing.

I have prepared a template for the children, and if you would like to have a go you can download it from here.

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