Tuesday 10 February 2015

Be my Valentine

For the last few days people have been asking for Valentine's resources.  Then yesterday, completely by chance, I came across this Valentine's origami box on Pinterest.  I have simplified the idea to make a Valentine's card-cum-minibook, which would also be ideal for writing about likes and dislikes at non-Valentine's times of year.

To make it, first of all download the template from here.

1.  Cut out the shape, around the solid lines.

2.  Fold along the long, "internal" dotted lines.

3.  Fold out the two halves of the heart, along the dotted lines.

4.  Decorate the outside.

5.  Write inside!

UPDATE 15.02.15:  Due to popular demand I have created some more shapes for this design of minibook.  You can now download:

Easter Egg minibook
Christmas tree minibook
Smiley face minibook
Star minibook

UPDATE 31.03.15  A bell-shaped minibook for Les Cloches Volantes for Pâques.

Bell minibook


  1. I love this idea and am looking at the Eastrer version! However, the template is very small when I print it out. Is there an easy way of enlarging it?

  2. Hello Alison, thanks for your comment. The template should print out at slightly narrower than the long width of A4. I guess the easiest way to enlarge it would be to do an A4>A3 photocopy!

  3. Thank you, I used the cloches volantes template in 2 primary schools yesterday and the pupils loved it!

  4. Muchas Gracias, these templates never grow old, the children love them and they finish off a great piece of work beautifully!