Monday 20 April 2015

Story Towers

My Year 6 Spaniards are coming to the end of our "Then and Now" unit, which finishes with an extended piece of writing describing a place now and in the past.  I asked them before the Easter holidays if they had any ideas for how we could present this writing.  One of the girls suggested a cube, another two doors which open to see the two pictures.  They also suggested a leaflet or an advert.  All good ideas.

During the holidays I saw this on Pinterest and thought it might work, especially as it is a variation on the theme of a cube.  This afternoon I purchased some blank postcards from (Poundland £1 for 50) and made the trial run that you can see above.

To slot the cards together I measured 2cm in from the corner and cut a 2cm slot.  I found it was more stable if both cards have a slot.

I'm sure there are possibilities for decorating the inside as well, which would disguise the "Postcard".


  1. Brilliant idea! Thanks :-)

  2. Another cracker of an idea, Clare. Love these. :)

  3. Another cracker of an idea, Clare. Love these! :)