Saturday, 19 September 2020

Teacher Aprons

Ever since I started teaching primary languages in 2009 I have taught in a different room every session.  I've tried several different ways of storing and carrying round my belongings, in particular my stationery.  In February last year I caught a discussion in a Facebook group about teacher aprons, and investigated!

I made one (the grey and green one at the bottom of this picture) and tried it out at my schools, and was immediately sold on the idea - why hadn't I tried this before?!  They are a very handy way of carrying around your stationery and other small pieces of equipment and always having them to hand.

Since the new regulations came in, I have been mindful of cross-contamination between my schools.  Therefore I've made two new ones so that I have one for each school.

I use them to carry around a pen (4 coloured Bic), pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, board markers, glue stick, scissors, sticky notes, marking stampers, my whistle, USB, a small bottle of hand sanitiser and, last but not least, my ID on the keyring.

If you're interested in making your own, I used this pattern.

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