Sunday 14 March 2021

Language World 2021: sketchnotes


This year's Language World was an all-online affair, which made the feel a bit different, but the sessions were of just as good a quality.  Here are my sketchnotes from the sessions that I attended:

Turn that frown upside down: practical tips to motivate learners in Key Stage 3 and beyond
Claire Wilson

British Council Language Trends 2021 - interim results
Vicky Gough and Ian Collen

The 20 Keys: Giving Grammar a new lease of life
Elena Díaz

Using CLIL and MFL strategies to maximise the curriculum for EAL learners
Jane Driver

International Partnerships and Exchanges
Vicky Gough and Brian Stobie

Multilingualism, language learning and social cognition
Professor Li Wei

Language learning: Learning from the past
Professor Nicola McLelland, Dr Simon Coffey, Dr Lina Fisher

A rich curriculum for all: the pressured yet pivotal position of languages
Dr Michael Wardle, HMI

The missing link: transition between KS2 and KS3
Suzanne O'Farrell, ASCL

Challenges and rewards in the CLIL unit design process
Dr Marie Petersen

Making connections between languages with translation skills for easier KS2-KS3 transition
Helen Stokes

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